Thursday, 8 April 2010

I had a trip to the Craft Barn yesterday, after I'd done my duty trip to the Garden centre to get Pelargonium plugs, which by the way is by far the the cheapest way to get them, even cheaper than buying seed as far as I can tell.
I had a loyalty voucher burning a hole in my bag. I hadn't intended to spend much money (when do I ever) but still a few unplanned items fell into my basket. I bought a new PaperArtsy stamps (an A5 sheet), the one with the big bird on it(HP1005), Crafty Individuals chipboard houses, a notebook to alter (it looks about 5"x5"), a Crafty Individuals Miniatures book - People and Places 2, a Crafty Individuals Stamp CI-267 - it's tree with clocks and cakes and teapots on it, the Spica clear gel pen, Wild Plum alcohol ink, on TH's blog recently people were asked which was their favourite colour, this one came up really often, along with Stream and Lettuce (but I have those already :-)) and last but not least 2 pads of the new DI pads, Wild Honey and Victorian Velvet. They had all 12 colours in and I couldn't decide which to buy so I just picked 2 at random (we all know I will buy them all eventually).

I have spent this afternoon in the garden clearing the beds of their winter detritus. Only done a couple so far, my knees can't take much more than that! But it was such a lovely afternoon it just seemed nice to be outside, winter has lasted far too long this year and those of us living in the soft South East just aren't used to it.


  1. have fun with all the goodies - know what you mean about the new DI inks, they're must=haves

  2. Couldn't agree more Veronica, if I won the lottery tomorrow I think I'd buy every Tim Holtz/Ranger product on the market, hell I'd probably buy Ranger. ;-)